Summery Leopard Nails design by Cameko Nails



New lovely design from Cameko Nails! So summery! and Trendy at same time! 🙂

Lovely Pinky Mini Skull!!


Lovely pink skull with light blue stones on eyes! One cute item for all season! It’s only $9.99!!

Go to, and get one for yourself! 🙂

Tropical Flowers Bracelet!!


This lovely bracelet is only $13.99 on WonderWoman website! There are more new items are arrived! Check it now!! 🙂

Chiki Bird lovely earrings for CARIBANA 2012!!


Super Lovely Tropical birds earrings! Pink and Light Blue available on WonderWoman website! For your summery out-fit or for your Caribana 2012!! If your friends are going to Caribana festival, please let them know because they might need some new accessories for that! 🙂

Tropical Gel pedi by Cameko Nails


Summer Summer Summer! Summer has come halfway always! Aren’t you missing something? Get your toes gel pedi!! we have to change the nail polish at least once a week to keep the toes beautiful without any cracks on polish.. isn’t it too much for you sometimes especially busy summer time? Gel pedi lasts for long and usually it won’t get cracks or peel off partially. So it still looks beautiful after your toes grow then WHY NOT? Try it If you care how you look! 😉

Cameko Nails has special offer for Summer time! Color gel pedi: $10, + Art $15 ONLY!! If you live in Toronto, Scarborough area, book it by email!!

Love Music? Love Summer? New Bracelets have arrived!!


One for Music lover, one for Summer lover! Both of them are $12.99 only!! Great quality, lovely design and cheap prices!!!!! There are more on the website! Check it out!!

Flag Earrings $4.99 to $6.99!!


Lovely and Cool Earrings are from WonderWoman International!!
The prices are really really affordable like $4.99 to $6.99!! One each is in stock so Don’t miss it!! Now the website is more easy to find what you want, and anyone can buy from Canada, US and Japan by Paypal or Credit card safely!!!



CUTE LOVELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the pearl and antique style gold charms combination! Classy and Fashionable! Only $15.99! Check WonderWoman’s website!!



Lovely bracelet arrived! Shell, Flower, coins and fish etc…! Feels like going on Vacation? This item fits your feeling! One sweet fashionable item for girl’s summer holidays!! 🙂

If you’re interested in this item, check WonderWoman website!